During the coronavirus pandemic, respiratory protection masks, once limited to specific professions, have become commonplace.  When properly worn, these single-use disposable masks filter out 98% of contaminants like pathogen-carrying fluid droplets, dust, and fumes, and are intended to be used only once each. Box of 50, individually wrapped.

3-Ply Disposable Masks 50-pack

  • This non-surgical face mask is designed with soft, non-woven material that feels like cloth, making it comfortable to use every day. The strong and soft ear loops will easily fit all sizes and the nose band forms to fit your nose. Designed with three layers of protection, our dust masks' outer layer filters out dust, odors and large particles, while the center layer filters small particles and the inner layer is an anti-allergen filter that feels comfortable on your skin. Made in Turkey. 7.5"x3.75"x3.75", 0.5 lbs

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