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Team of Electronics Development Engineer

About Us

We strongly believe in a teaming approach to business, and value the synergy created through partnership - which has a force multiplier impact - and which enhances competitiveness in both the Government and Commercial sectors

Our Culture

Our Mission, Vision, and Values are the primary motivators for our team. Our staff is dedicated to doing what is right for our clients—each of us takes that commitment to heart. We share an open, learning organization where everyone understands their role, the value of their performance, and how what they do fits into the bigger picture. The end result is a sense of ownership in all that we do and a profound esprit de corps in all that we are.

Our Team

We began as a small group of veterans which has since grown to a strong team of diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences. The leaders within our organization create an open learning environment and encourage a sense of ownership of all that we do. We strongly believe in a teaming approach to business and value the synergies that partnership creates.



We believe that acting with integrity is our collective responsibility and guides everything that we do.

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Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the cornerstone of our culture and promotes stewardship, both in our business and our communities.



We are committed to the highest standard of integrity in all that we do.

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